Online Education with CASUS

Learning Management System

CASUS is an open learning management system, LMS, and provides various features centered around e-learning. You can access everything you need in one system – tools to prepare content, to plan courses, to evaluate results and also to prepare and hold exams.

Authoring System

Create comprehensive e-learning courses using the integrated authoring system. IT or technical know-how is not required, you can get started right away. Your cases will give your students a practical introduction and deepen their understanding of the subject matter of their field.

Course Manager

Organize your learning units by creating courses. You can decide in which order the learning units should be completed. Invite students to participate in your course and send them an automated access code. Our online education system supports all of these features.

CASUS for teachers

Create case-based content with CASUS. You can create courses, prepare exams and monitor your participants’ progress.

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CASUS for students

Students are introduced to anamnesis, diagnostics and treatment decisions by completing virtual cases that are based on real patient stories and experiences.

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CASUS for doctors

Instruct has implemented its own CME Academy in order to provide an innovative approach to attaining CME credits using interactive online cases.

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Evaluate your courses and find out where there is room for improvement. You can access extensive statistics and learning analytics formats directly in the system. The online education system also offers various filter options, which make it easier for you to select the data that you need.


Link your own system to CASUS. We offer various technical possibilities to provide the seamless integration of different kinds of learning systems. Prevalent protocols such as Shibboleth and LTI are supported. Participants do not have to log in twice and access to CASUS remains transparent for all users.


Carry out exams using CASUS. Determine who is allowed to participate in the exam, which units or cases should be included and in which timeframe the exam should take place. Participants can be given anonymity and can register using PINS.