• You already have an account, but you forgot the link for CASUS?

    If you already have a CASUS student or authoring account, you can go to http://player.casus.net and login using your user name and password.

  • You are enrolled at a university and you would like to access CASUS?

    At many universities, CASUS is connected to a learning management system, such as moodle or blackboard. If this is the case, no registration is necessary and you can access courses and cases directly from your university account. If you require assistance or need more information concerning your university account, please contact your university.

  • You are a doctor in a CME program and you forgot the link to the CASUS CME Academy?

    Click here for access to the CASUS CME Academy.

  • Would you like to get to know CASUS?

    The following projects allow free access to demo cases (guest access) or complete courses: