How-To: Shibboleth „LocalDynamic“
06.01.2021 | Administrator

We also provide technical information an experience to all interested developers in e-learning. Following article is about movin Shibboleth configuration from MetadataProvider type="XML" -> „LocalDynamic“.Overview Shibboleth SP configuration with standard XML Metadata Provider and full ...

CASUS and the COVID-19 Summer Term 2020
29.10.2020 | Administrator
Symbolbild Corona

The summer term 2020 brought about unforeseen challenges for medical faculties. In an initiative that was in cooperation with the Medical Faculty Association (Medizinischer Fakultätentag), Looop.Share and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, we were able to provide a large amount of cases ...

CASUS Learning Analytics
11.03.2019 | Administrator

We have revised the reports and expanded and enabled fine granular learning analytics. Thus, now you can, for example see which items were clicked how many times in a multiple-choice answer. This can serve quality assurance, but also to prepare for classroom discussions in blended learning ...