Integration with LTI, Shibboleth and others


LTI – the standard tool for exchange in learning management systems – can also be used in CASUS.


CASUS provides seamless connectivity to your digital environment.


CAS, LDAP, SCORM and AICC/HACP are connections that are supported by CASUS. We can also look into other technologies, as needed.

The e-learning platform CASUS can be used as an independent system. You can access the system using the following:

  • Manually created accounts
  • Upload lists from Microsoft Excel® or Tab Delimited files
  • Create random anonymous access codes: combination of numbers and letters with a pre-set expiration date

In this case, CASUS users can login with their user name and access code or password.
CASUS can also be linked more closely to your digital environment, so that students can work on CASUS cases without having to login again - SSO (Single Sign On). We offer the standard tools, such as LTI and Shibboleth, for this type of connection. We also have experience with individual connections, please contact us for more information.

  • LTI

    LTI stands for LEARNING TOOLS INTEROPERABILITY® from IMS Global Learning Consortium and is used to link systems with one another. In order to do so, links from the LMS are integrated into the target system. Prior to creating this link, a Shared Secret should be exchanged between the two systems in order to ensure that the transmission of sensitive user data can be encrypted.

    LTI is well-established and trusted and has been used to integrate CASUS in learning management systems such as moodle or Ilias for many years. Entering the links into the LMS is quite simple and does not require any prior technical knowledge or experience with copy paste. The CASUS course manager provides all the necessary functions and allows the LMS to link to entire courses or individual cases.

    Basic parameters from case sessions are fed back to the LMS, at the moment this includes the score from the questions and answers, as well as the time taken to complete the case. However, the LMS must support the optional LTI extension, this is the case with moodle, for example, so that the results from the CASUS case sessions can also be used to create learning analytics. Independent of this, detailed evaluations and learning analytics reports can be accessed directly in CASUS.

  • Shibboleth/eduGain

    Shibboleth serves to distribute authentications and authorizations for web applications and web services. Put simply, the accounts always remain with the institution where the user is registered and that is also where the user logs in. CASUS only receives basic information on the user and information on whether or not the user is logged in correctly. Shibboleth provides a very high standard of data protection and self-determination on the part of the user, who gets to decide which data is transmitted. Minimal data combined with encryption standards are the main parts of the Shibboleth infrastructure.

    CASUS was involved in using Shibboleth early on and was able to successfully integrate the first version of Shibboleth in Switzerland, making them the Shibboleth pioneer in Europe.  Since then, the standard has continued to develop, and we are currently members of the German Shibboleth “DFN-AAI” and also a member of the global eduGain network.

    We have a lot of experience with Shibboleth and if you need any assistance or face any challenges with Shibboleth, we are here to help!

  • Individual Integration

    If the above-mentioned options do not apply to your institution, we also have a lot of experience with client-specific solutions. We aim to work with standard systems, however special developments are also possible. In the past, we have gained experience with direct LDAP/Active Directory connections, CAS, SCORM AICC/HACP and have successfully integrated infrastructures for many years.
    Please contact us, we can make (almost) anything possible!