Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for all registered participants in courses on the DID-ACT Moodle platform hosted by Instruct gGmbH, as well as for visitor access users. Terms and Conditions on Participation and Privacy Policy based on regulations for the EU-GDPR / EU-DSGVO (EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung / EU General Data Protection Regulation)


To gain access to most DID-ACT courses, registration on the Moodle platform is required. Login is possible either via Shibboleth with university credentials or via self-registration using any email address.  In the course of the registration procedures the following user data of a participant will be stored: 

Data protection

All personal data of participants collected in the course of registration shall be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. This also applies for storage for a limited period of individual connection data for the study platform, which is necessary for system-related reasons. Disclosure of the data to third parties is excluded unless the user permits this or the operator is obliged to surrender data on the basis of provisions of law. All registered participants may at any time request in writing information from the DID-ACT project coordinator (info@did-act.eu) on the personal data concerning them that is stored on the platform or that all their data be erased. In the case that usersuse their central university account for logging in to Moodle, only the user data stored in Moodle (i.e. personal profile data) will be erased and not the central university account. Excluded from the erasure are contributions published by Moodle participants in forums, chats, blogs, wikis etc. / files made available by them for accessing, which will remain available until the respective Moodle course has been deleted.

Type of stored data

Following registration on the DID-ACT platform, besides the user data additional data voluntarily entered by the participants from the moment of registration and/or data that arises in the course of use, so-called usage data, will be electronically stored in a database; this includes both automatically generated information and information entered by the participants.

General obligations of users

Upon registering, the user is granted a simple, non-transferable right to use this platform. Memory space provided to the user may only be used to store the created content. All users are obliged to treat the data of other users accessible to them as strictly confidential and, as a rule, refrain from passing it on to third parties without the written consent of the data subject. This particularly applies for the names and email addresses of other users registered in the system. This platform serves the exclusive purpose of preparing and carrying out Moodle courses for the DID-ACT project and communication between participants and educators. Any other use of the platform, e.g. for other private and/or commercial purposes, is prohibited. All users are obliged to comply with the provisions of law, particularly the provisions of copyright law and data protection regulations. If users set up links to external websites, they must ensure in advance that the linked external websites do not have any unlawful content.
As a rule, all users are prohibited from doing the following on the study platform:

Handling of copyrights

Works capable of copyright protection or parts thereof, such as course materials, templates, photographs etc., which are used in the DID-ACT courses and/or are created explicitly for a course are available under a Creative Commons license and therefore may be adapted and used outside the course room or passed on to third parties.

Data protection declaration

I have familiarized myself with the terms and conditions of use and the information provided under data protection laws. I hereby acknowledge the terms and conditions of use. I understand that for the purpose of participation in DID-ACT courses required personal data will be processed.

I agree to the processing of the data recorded by me in the “personal profile” and the contributions published by me under my name as well as to the use of the files provided by me within the framework of the Moodle course. I understand that I may withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email to info@did-act.eu

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