CASUS Player

Mit CASUS Lernen und Prüfen

CASUS Learning and Assessment

The learner dashboard allows students to view and access their courses, cases and performance indicators. Additional material, such as videos, can be provided in the dashboard and learners can download their course certificates.

Virtual patients / learning cases in CASUS are well structured and offer numerous possibilities for engaging the learner. Quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided by the author but also in form of peer responses.

In the CASUS exam player dedicated assessment options are available, for example concerning feedback and analysis of the learner responses. The user interface is similar to the learning cases, so that users are familiar with the functionalities.

To foster the training of clinical reasoning skills CASUS is connected with a clinical reasoning tool, which is based on a concept mapping approach. In a structured way learners are asked to document relevant findings, formulate differential diagnoses, select necessesary tests and examinations, and decide about therapeutic options.