Virtual Patient E-Learning and E-Teaching Software

CASUS – a case-based learning and authoring system for undergraduate and postgraduate education

CASUS software lets you create high-quality, interactive and authentic learning cases/virtual patients. You can publish these virtual patient cases for your students and create individual reports.

Students can work on your virtual patient cases independently or in combination with face-to-face teaching scenarios (blended learning).


Overview of CASUS Modules


Learning and Assessment with CASUS
CASUS Learning Management
CASUS Learning Management


We also provide technical information an experience to all interested developers in e-learning. Following article is about movin Shibboleth configuration from MetadataProvider type="XML" -> „LocalDynamic“. Overview Shibboleth SP configuration with standard XML Metadata Provider and full e...

CASUS Learning Analytics


We have revised the reports, expanded and enabled fine granular learning analytics. So you can, for example in a multiple choice answer see which items were clicked how many times. This can serve for quality assurance, but also for the preparation of face-to-face events in blended learning scenarios...

Big change for Instruct After long preparation on Dec 13th, 2018 we decided to make a transition to a nonprofit entity. Since Jan 17th, 2019 we are officially registered as a gGmbH. Tax authorities already checked the new entity, however, the final step still requires some formal steps, we hope to ...

NEW in CASUS: Open case navigation


Since December 2017 we have extended the CASUS Navigation! Previously learners could only navigate in a step-wise approach through all cards of a case; now a more exploratory option is available in which learners can purposefully access specific cards and not all cards have to be visited to succe...



Instruct's roots lie in the academic world. In 1993, Prof. Martin Fischer founded a working group for computer-based training for undergraduate and continuing medical education at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. The focus of this interdisciplinary group was optimizing the learning experience using authentic cases and how such cases can help medical and healthcare students improve their decision-making skills. In 1994, the development of the CASUS virtual patient system began with the aim of developing an easy-to-use authoring system for educators and clinicians to create learning cases for their students.

Start as Instruct Corporation

The Instruct Corporation was founded in May 2000 and has gained continuous appraisal for its innovative concept. The Bavarian Ministry of Economics successfully promoted the establishment of Instruct within the scope of the “FLÜGGE” program.

Instruct today

  • From December 2018 - January 2019 Instruct made the transition from a corporation to a non-profit limited liability company (German: gGmbH).
  • Instruct works in close cooperation with academic institutions and research projects on a national, EU and international level.
  • Today, CASUS is an internationally distributed learning system for virtual patients and cases that is being used in higher education institutions throughout Europe, North America and South America. 




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